Chiesa di San Pietro

Monastero e Chiesa di San Pietro


The origins of the Church and the Monastery are dated back to the High Middle Ages during the pontificate of Gregory the Great (1590-1604).
The monastery dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Martyrs Hermes, Lawrence, Pancrazio, Sebastian and Agnes was wanted by the noblewoman Adeodata before Baroness.
The façade, dominated by a canopy radial and triangular pediment in Renaissance style, was built in 1569.
The church was consecrated September 20, 1716 by the then Bishop of Mazara.
Altar, the painting of the seventeenth century depicting St. Peter and St. Paul, followed by the painting of G. Of 1855 depicting Stephen Pope Gregory the Great, and St. Bernard Mariano de Cornia of 1651 and the Five Benedictine with the Holy Spirit of the eighteenth century.
The fresco on the ceiling, partially destroyed, is the work of Domenico La Bruna.