La Chiesa Madre


The Cathedral Church of Marsala is dedicated to St. Thomas of Canterbury. Tradition says that a British ship carrying the material in England for the construction of a church in honor of St.Thomas of Canterbury. But a storm forced her to shelter in the port of Marsala. The event was interpreted as a sign of divine will and decided to build here a church dedicated to Saint. It was built in the late 1100s. In 1726 it proceeded with a makeover. The elegant facade dominates the main square, is adorned with statues and two lateral towers on the second order. The interior is divided into three naves by marble columns. On open aisles twelve chapels. In them are works of great importance. In the right transept you will find an elegant Madonna del Popolo was built in 1490 by Domenico Gagini and Purification of the Virgin of Antonello Riccio. Left apse is preserved and an icon of Antonello Gagini Berrettaro.