Santuario della Madonna della Cava


It was a dream to Father Leonardo Savina, brother of the Order of the Augustinian Hermits, the image of Our Lady exhorted him to dig at the quarry to find the ancient statue on which to build a church.
Statue that was actually hidden by Christians lilibetani for protection from persecution.
Only in 1518 following a crash was found the statue, a small sculpture height 18 cm.
With its discovery occurred many miracles attested by extensive documentation. It seems that those who discovered it was dumb and regained his speech.
In 1788 the city of Marsala elect the Madonna della Cava deed principal patron and protector of the Special City.
January 19 is celebrated with a procession of the faithful.
On 11 May 1943, because of the bombing, the Madonna was recovered from the rubble and is again safe.