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Typical lunches

Le Panelle
This is a paste made from chickpea flour that is fried in hot oil. Typically it can be eaten with a sandwich or as an appetizer. A typical place where you can enjoy the fritters is a small fry that is inside fish market in the neighborhood near the Spanish town near Porta Garibaldi

Gi Arancini

These rice balls, which have within them a ragu stuffed with minced veal and peas. Outside, a layer of breadcrumbs that fried crispy. There are also variations of the filling can be made with mozzarella and diced ham with mozzarella and spinach. You can typically find them in bakeries. We recommend the Pastry De Gaetano or the Pastry Enzo & Nino.

Cous Cous with fish

This is a main dish made of semolina wheat steamed cook with fish soup. It 's a typical variant of a single western Sicily Arab dish. The difference with cous cous Arabic is the way of seasoning, they use the vegetables or mutton. You can find many restaurants or take away. We advise you to take away the Trattoria Garibaldi. The cooked to order or reservation on Friday. In Marsala on Friday not to eat the flesh in remembrance of Christ's death and therefore tend to eat the fish.

Il Cannolo

It consists of a wafer of fried dough (called peel and from 15 to 20 cm long with a diameter of 4-5 cm) and a filling made of ricotta (soft cheese) made from sheep's milk, seasoned with sugar,chocolate chips, and typically decorated with strips of candied orange. We recommend the Pastry De Gaetano or the Pastry Enzo & Nino.

La Cassata Siciliana

This is a cake made with two layers of sponge cake separated by a layer of ricotta. Covered on the outside of the almond paste (green part that is in the photo) and icing sugar. Everything is then decorated with candied fruit ready to be colored drawings. Even for this sweet you should or will acquire all or just a few slices from the traditional pastry of Marsala.

La Pasta Reale

Also called Martorana fruit, it is a paste made of almonds and flour, which are given a form of fruit or green, which is then decorated and colorful. Even for this we recommend the traditional pastry sweet Marsala

Lemon Granita
This lemon juice diluted with water and sugar shekels, which is then frozen.
Can be found in pastry shops and bars.

Cold coffee
This is coffee that is frozen and then served shaken granulated jacket.
You can find pastry shops or in bars.