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Founded in 1880 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of a family of notaries with a passion
for viticulture, in a few years Pilgrim managed to establish itself as one of
most prosperous and important industries of Marsala wine.
Its wines come from the production obtained from about 150 hectares of land distributed in areas of greater agricultural vocation of Western Sicily.
The company currently has three operating units:
- A main store, located in Marsala (Via Del Fante) and covers an area of 35,000 sqm. with a refining capacity of 180,000 hl. (Of which 40,000 hl. Oak) and a modern bottling line with an average effective capacity of 10,000 pieces per hour. The flagship of this site are the towers, two old silos recently renovated and now used for meetings, meetings and initiatives of various kinds
- A modern winery, located in the hilly outskirts of the town itself in the district Cardillo
- A modern winery on the island of Pantelleria (Via Paolo Emilio Pellegrino) where the company has put significant resources in order to recover the production of the famous Moscati and passito.

Public Relations Office
Wineries Charles Pellegrino and C. (Way of the Fante, 37/39 - Marsala - TP)
Phone: 0039 0923 719911 - 0039 0923 719928
Fax: 0039 0923 953542
Email accoglienza@carlopellegrino.it
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