Museo degli Arazzi Fiamminghi

The eight tapestries preserved and exhibited in the museum were donated by Bishop Anthony Lombardo of Messina, Notar Padoano cost to Matrix Marsala - Cathedral Church, July 10, 1589.

Legend has it that the Queen of England Mary I Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII, had found refuge after a major storm in the port of Marsala, a guest of Monsignor. 
Later became wife of Philip II and Queen of Spain, the kingdom to which all the Sicilian cities paid tribute to the Crown. 

It was Archbishop A. Lombardo sail for Spain to ask the Queen an exemption from such taxes and succeeded so well in his mission back in Marsala well satisfied with the request, with these beautiful tapestries. 
No one knows who will be awarded the invoice, if the art of tapestry Spanish or Flemish rather than execution. They bring a brand-shaped shield with two B side as is found in Brussels tapestries to have survived. 
The first tapestry tells the fore the capture of Josephus, led out from a cave by the tribunes and Pauline Gallicano and Nicanor, made of Vespasian, while in the background Joseph is brought to the camp of Vespasian; 
Agrippa and the second tapestry is tiberiesi supplicants by Vespasian, and the background, the Roman soldiers and looting against the citadel of Tiberias; 
in the third tapestry are the coronation of Emperor Vespasian and to the background, groups of soldiers; 
in the fourth tapestry, C. Mucianus Licinius, governor of Syria, is kneeling in front of Vespasian and the background stands the fortress of Mucianus; 
The fifth tapestry represents the release of Joseph took place in the presence of Vespasian; 
in the sixth tapestry jew kills Jonathan Pudens, Roman soldier and is in turn killed by Frisco, at the bottom there are warriors and a naval battle; 
in the seventh tapestry Titus receives sacred objects required Thebuthi Jesus to save his life; 
Finally, the eighth Tapestry, Titus celebrates the sacrifice for the victory.