"Pinacoteca Comunale"

Convento del Carmine

The Carmine Complex (Convent and Church) was built around 1100 by the Carmelite Fathers, at a site adjacent to an ancient watchtower (now Piazza del Carmine).
Many were the years of restoration operations.
Today there are three arches (dating back to 1500), three severed columns supporting the arches (1700), and its present (1800).
Currently the complex is home to wonderful cultural painting exhibitions Marsala
The front portico of the church, consists of three naves, a portal and gable elements 500.
Inside is a nave rectangular opening along the longitudinal walls of the chapels.
The octagonal bell tower, collapsed in the seventeenth century, was rebuilt on the same foundations. After the landing of Garibaldi and the annexation of Sicily to the kingdom of Italy, the church property was confiscated by the state.
The Convent was thus intended to police station (until 1960).
To the left of the entrance porch there is a room where there are feeders on a cobblestone floor because the room was used as a barn.
The monastery was restored after years of neglect, and in 1996 returned to its original splendor becoming headquarters of Contemporary Painting Exhibition with an attached boardroom of City Hall.