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The area of a taxi rank is located outside the terminal, opposite the main gates. The service is provided under the rules established by the city of Trapani, as reported at the end of regulation.Here are the rates in force today. 

Fares from the airport of Trapani 
EURO 2.70 
Minimum stroke 
EURO 13.05 
Euro 18.00 
LOCAL RULES FOR THE DISCIPLINE OF PUBLIC AUTOSERVIZI NOT LINE (approved by Resolution No. 42 DC, 28/04/2005 - Modified with deliberation DC No. 42 of 03.17.2008). 
Article 25. RATES 
1. The rates for the exercise of the TAXI service are determined annually by the Town Council on proposals from industry associations and related service costs arising locally and on the basis of any provincial legislation on the subject. The rate is based on multiple for urban and suburban base mileage for the service. 
2. The determination of the consideration of transport must always be measured by meter based on the approved rates specified. 
3. Is not permitted determination of the consideration of transport agreed directly between you and the carrier. 
4. The rates for the exercise of Limousine service shall be determined by free bargaining of parties within the maximum and minimum levels set by the Town Council and appropriate under the criteria of the Ministry of Transport. 
5. If additional services or alternative service scheduled by taxi or with rental and driver under Article. 6 of these Regulations, for each user will typically charge the rates provided by specific contracts between customer and carrier.

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