The Island of Favignana is the principal of Aegadian; is about 7 km from the west coast of Sicily between Trapani and Marsala, in front of the Lagoon Islands, which are themselves facing the international airport of Trapani .
It has an area of 19 km2 and a coastline of 33 km jagged and full of cavities and caves.
Favignana has some traces of prehistoric human settlements is mentioned by Thucydides as the site of a Phoenician settlement. There are the remains of an early Christian cemetery.
In 1874 the island belonged to Florio which enhance their traps and built a villa in liberty style.Favignana is famous for its tufa caves (actually improperly called 'tuff' because one of Favignana is a limestone and a rock of volcanic origin, as is the true rock), to the caves and the ancient fishing tradition tuna with tuna, of Arabic origin.
The trap of Favignana is one of the last remaining business in Italy, and every year, in May, we held the Matanzas, tuna fishing attracts many tourists and enthusiasts. The killing activity is now mainly folk, also due to the reduced number of tuna caught is not economically productive and is destined to end in spite of the subsidies to keep it active.