The Levanzo island is the smallest of Aegadian with a terrestrial area of only 5 km2, is part of the province of Trapani. It consists of white limestone rocks which have numerous caves. The ancient Roman name was Phorbantia island, named after a particular spice in this place.
The country is composed of a small group of houses having a small marina, which is about 15 km from Trapani. It is no main road, except for a small stretch of asphalt road leading to the beach Faraglione. This condition of technological backwardness explains the integrity of its natural beauty.
The higher the lace cape Monaco, 270 meters above sea level
On the coast overlooking some caves, the most famous of which is the Cave of Genoa, with its carvings and cave paintings of 11,000 years ago. Through stratigraphic analysis, it was possible one of the few carbon-14 dating of prehistoric Sicily, which indicated the year 9230 BCE (Epigravettian advanced): stratigraphic sequence in the presence of a large piece of limestone, with an ox, incidentally, was very similar to the style mural paintings on the walls, this has resulted in absolute dating.