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Mazara del Vallo


Mazara del Vallo is located 23 km from Marsala 
is a town in the province of Trapani, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at the mouth of the river Mazar and far less than 200 km from the Tunisian coast of North Africa. The old "old town", once enclosed within the walls Norman, includes several historical churches, some dating from the eleventh century, and a district system typical of urban Muslim "medina", called the Casbah, whose narrow streets are a sort of trademark. 
The economic activities that distinguish it are mostly the fishing, agriculture and industry, shipbuilding and food, especially fish. Mazara del Vallo is one of the most famous fishing ports and Italian, basic equipment of a fleet of approximately 400 large deep-sea trawlers (with about 4,000 fishermen aboard), which falls every 50-60 days. 
At Mazara reside, often with families, about 3,000 migrants, largely from the Maghreb, used by more than 25 years in fishing activities, agricultural and craft of the town. They reside primarily in the historical center of Arab matrix. 
Mazara is also up to the headlines in March 1998 when a local vessel, commanded by Captain Francesco Adragna (Capitan Ciccio), has recovered to about 480 meters deep in the waters of the Strait of Sicily, a bronze sculpture of 2 meters dating from the Hellenistic period, known as the Dancing Satyr. The statue, after being restored and it was briefly on display in Rome, at Lower House, after it returned to Mazara del Vallo, is allocated to be exhibited at Expo 2005 in Aichi Japan. 
From mid-October 2005, Satyr dancing is once again exposed in Mazara homonymous museum in Piazza Plebiscito.