Museo Garibaldino Complesso Monumentale San Pietro

In recent years, the historic center of Marsala was the subject of a recovery and development that has largely returned to the city of the ancient splendor and usability of important buildings such as the monumental St. Peter's, now houses the Museum with valuable Garibaldi finds the Risorgimento, the Civic Museum, the Museum of the costumes of the procession of Holy Thursday, the city library and a multipurpose cultural center.
Cultural center and gathering place, the sixteenth-century monastery of Benedictine nuns keeping the fascination of unusual and exciting.
Protected by cuspidata observatory tower square in its picturesque and monumental architecture houses today, those were the cells, dining halls and other areas of support, the municipal library and museum of Marsala.
Latter's' divided into three sections:
-Risorgimento Garibaldi, archaeological and folk traditions.
The architectural complex are also incorporated a modern conference room and some leisure facilities: sound library, video library, game room and cafeteria, dining area derived from the ancient monastery kitchen.

Museo Garibaldino

Museo Civico

Museo costumi della processione del giovedì santo