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Erice is located 22 km from Marsala.
Located in a mountainous area, 750 meters above sea level. The peak is reached from the town of Trapani to the cable car, which will offer a breathtaking view. One or two roads that begins in Trapani and the other in Valderice.
Among the many monuments of great importance is the Mother Church (XIV sec.) Assunta and the interior redone in the last century, the Medieval Castle (XII-XIII sec.) With the remains of the temple and the Town Hall, established a library and museum Cordici, rich with archaeological finds of the necropolis of Erice, among which a head of Aphrodite of the fourth century. BC
Erice is at the Centre for International Studies dedicated to Ettore Majorana, wanted by the illustrious physicist Antonino Zichichi Trapani attract the most qualified scholars in the world for scientific treatment of problems that affect several sectors, from medicine to law to history 'astronomy, from philology to chemistry.