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Nature Reserve "Zingaro"


The Nature Reserve "Zingaro" is located 73 km from Marsala 

The coast is one of the few Zingaro Sicily without coastal road, despite it was expected to and actually started already in 1976. 
To obtain the suspension of work and the withdrawal of funding from 1980 to 1981 several associations nature through a massive media campaign, public awareness, involving thousands of citizens in a protest march that took place May 18, 1980, where peacefully and symbolically took possession of the territory. 
Adhering to the movement of opinion against the opening of the coastal road, the Regional State Forests of the Sicilian Region in 1980 declares its commitment to expropriate the area of the Gypsy because of great environmental interest. 
Subsequently, the regional law 98/81, is officially established the Natural Reserve "GYPSY" first reserve in Sicily entrusted Management Company Regional State Forests. 
Today the reserve covers the western part of the Gulf of Castellammare, in the San Vito lo Capo peninsula overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea between Castellammare del Golfo and Trapani. The territory lies mostly in the town of San Vito lo Capo and to a lesser extent in the town of Castellammare. 
Inside the reserve are the Nature Museum, the Museum of Maritime Activities, the Museum of Rural Life, where you play the complete cycle of wheat, the Environmental Education Center, two picnic areas and rural blocks used for the bivouac.